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Collection de 

Canadijp Institute for Historical Microreproductions / institut canadien de microreproductions historiques 

i^\ '-^-s: xfw^»j^^'m ..^- • \. jr*. 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographijally unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual methoc ^f filming are 
checked below. 

I I Coloured covers / 

Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommagee 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restauree et/ou peH'Culee 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 


Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 

Planches et/ou illustr Jions en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serree peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / Use peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela etait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas et6 filmees. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppl6mentaires: 

L'Institut a microfilme le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-stre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m^tho- 
de normale de filmage sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 



Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul6es 

Q Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^colorees, tachetees ou piqu6es 

Pages detached / Pages d^tachees 

• Showthrough / Transparence 

Quality of print varies / 
Quality in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont ^t6 filmees k nouveau de fafon a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
filmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 

Thit item i> filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

Ce document eat (ilm^ au taui de reduction indique ci-det«oua. 















The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of; 

L'exemplaire film^ fut reproduit grace ^ la 
gAn^rositd de 

National Library of Canada 

Bibliotheque nationale du Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filnning contract specificationa. 

Les images suivantes ont At* reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin. compte tenu de la condition et 
da la nettetA de l'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformit* avec les conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with ■ printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les e«emplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
pepier est imprim*e sont film*s en commencant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derniAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont film*s en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
?hall contain the symbol » (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants epparaitra sur la 
derniAre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole — ♦• signifie "A SUIVRE '. le 
symbole V signifie "FIN ". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc.. may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc.. peuvent etre 
filmAs i des taux de reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre 
reproduit en un seul cliche, il est filmA ^ partir 
da Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche d droite. 
et de haut en bas. en prenant le nombre 
d'imagas nAcessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode. 










I ••s:?:-Wii;^ ':fi:5 '-r^ ,^-.^ 










1.25 111 1.4 ili.6 












v^ Tfte Labrador Eclipse Expedition 

I'. A. I II ANT. I'KKMDr.NT Ol- llli; RiiVAI. ASTRc ).\l )M ICAl, S()CIi;TV 

1)1' CANADA. 

THAI" inuri.>t in a>lroiUMn\ is j-rowiiij.;; in Canada is vcr\ 
tvidcin. ( )rii' need only point to tlie niagniticent new 
ol)sirvator\ erected 1)\ tlii' Dominion Ciovcrninent on tlie f>ul- 
skirts of Ottawa, and to the fact tliat a fully-e(|uipi)ed expedi- 
tion was despatched to tlie wilds of Labrador to observe the 
total eclijjse of tlu' >um on Aiii^itst ,V)th last. The Royal Astron- 
omical Societ\- of Canada had the honor of su,t,'.i:^esting that an 
expedition be sent, and the ,1,'enerou^ s])irit in which the ])ro])o.sal 
was received and acted hikmi i^ worthy of all jjraise. The 
society was allowed the jirivileffe of naming- six of its members 
to accomi)any the expedition. 

The first section of the expedition sailed from Ouebec on the 
ivenin!,^ of I'riday. .\n<,nist 4th. in the steel steamer Ki)ii; /;</- 
ward, a small vessel about 150 feet long and 22 feet wide. This 
shi|) and her mate, the .Irniimnrc, abont twice as larjje. carrv 
on a coastinti- trade on the north shore of the River and Gulf of 
St. Lawrence. 

The maimer of condnctitti,' this traile was new to most of ns. 
The shore usually is of bleak, bare rock or of sand, (Kcasionallv 
covered with spruce and scrubby birch. an<l the inhabitants of 
the little villages along it eke out an existence by hunting and 
fishing. ( )u apiiroaching a village the ship, with ber siren, would 
shriek out what alwa\s sounde<l to us like a challenge to the 
peopli- to come out am! meet us. Then we would drop anchor 
and wait. Si>on a large tlshing Ixiat would put out from shore, 
sometimes propelled In oars, sometimes under sail. Occasion- 
ally the lH)at would Ix- tardy in coming. an<l then a vollev of 
forcilile retuarks would be hurled at it to hasten it along. I'.ut 
on arrival at the sbiji the strong words were all forgiHten. ami 
the visitors and visited communed on the best of terms. Hav- 
ing received their mail-bag. and what freight the purser had for 
them. the\ wduM leave, and wo would pnKeed on our way. 
I'Veipiently. however, :i strong wind blew and the si a was roiigji. 
and we had to lie at anchor for hours. At last the boat would 
come, and we would w.itch with admiration the sailors as thev 
tacki'd about, am! tinallv ran close up to our ship to receive the 
* Kt'iniiit fi'iiii Cliiistiii^i. Ai lA \'ii r ■HUN *. l^HCi. 

li.iiTi N "\ il'.nr .iiiil liM\i - 111' iiic ri-Ii;iiiili-r iiitu tluir '^mall craft, 
wliirh all ilic wliilr il.iiui'l \ i^i >ri iii^l\ ali'iiit "ii llic t'i|i> .if the 
wave.-, h wa-- a:mi-iiit;' In iinliri.' siniu' uf tlu' pari'i'K ]nit oH. 
' )iir wa- a iia-tiln lan! 1> i\, aiii)at'rntl\ (.■iiiitainintj a bat. sent a riiira!^'. ilrpartiiK'ntal -turr :i<i Ifrimit: an.'tlu-r was a 
Sintri r -iwiiiL; in leliiiu-. ainl a tliinl wa- a -])iiin!ntj:-\vlicel. 
'riioii, a'^ain. -ninr inmr nnfi iriimalc wnnM try Im heat liis \va\'. 

in i'-'i\- l;\\ l'(l-r (II MiKliI Wh-I UUKK 

Imt the \iu;ilaiii jnir-rr wa< i lU tlu' aKrt fur >iu-li ami -rlilniii ilid 
I illf i-capr. 

'Tlii- |n rfi iniiaui-i' Li'-ti-il f . rr tliric ila\<. ihiriiiL;- which time \vc 
calK-il at I ii^hicrn ]"irt-. incliiiliiiu' ( "n nUinut. IV'iitccn-t River, 
Si\iii l>latiil-, Miii-u. Mini;a:i ,iml l'".-iniiniatt\ I 'niiit : and mi 
llie niiiriiinu uf tin- I'nuilh il;t\ wc rcacluil .\;ttash(Hian. the end nf 
ilie -hiii'^ vc^nlar iri|i. lien we di-charLjed i nn' l;i-t passenfjers 
.and freight. Aiiinni^sl the inrmer \\a> a \iMinij Ani^lican cleri^y- 
nian. n.ained \ ihrrt, who was sptndino- his strength as a mis- 

900,: i 

^ii«n;ir> mii ilu- l.nm liK.ik i-i.;iM : uliik- aiimii;,^ t!u- latter was an 
iiiimt'ii'«i' -lux-t-irMii tank i'^v tin ]irir>t^' Iiiiu>i'. 

From tlii> time im tlu- >\\\\> wa- all Mtir mvii. W'c <at i>ii deck 
ami road. ' ir ddzcii, or twM stories. (,r watclu'd l^r wlialos, in ail 
llusc \\a\^ hi'Ciiinmi; aci|iiamtr(l and tiiiilin;;- ■ int that we bad a 
\i.r\- CiiiiL;i-nial cumjiany. in ancilur (la\ wv reaclu'il lilanc 
Sabloii. a >mall villaL,^- ;it tlu' int ranee ... tlu' Straits of I'.elle 
Isle. We lialteil to deliver tlu- mail — a few letters in a small 
lia?— and to ])ay onr respects to tlie Xewfoimdland eiistoms 
ofticcr. Immediately on enterinL;' t1ie >trails we came npon a 
inafjniticent id'her--. The day wa- tine, and the ol)lio-ii,nr captain 
steamed near enou<,di to allow the immeroiis camera> nn the ship 
to secure fine neL,'ativcs. I'.ut this splendiil herL;- wa- hut the first 
of full}- a thousand which we saw. They were truly maiestic 
in their -low -moviui;- dignity: the ]ila\ of the -unliudit on tlu-ir 
tow-ers an<l s])ires and castellated siuumits sivin.i;- us a sisi^ht 
never to he fori,'^otten. At one time two of our jiarty counted 
o\er a hundred in -i,L,dit. 

KmertjiuLT from the straits we j.a-sed I'.atlle 1 larlx-r on the 
left, and after -kirtiiiL;' the hleak Labrador coa-t wt- entered 
Hamilton Inlet, liert- the cour-e wound about the HK-ks and 
iutlin.!; iioiiit-. ami at ia-l a villa<;-e ap|)eared directly ahead of 
us. 'i'his was the im|)ortant Hudson's i'.av post of Rii.^ol(.-t. in 
charL^e of I'actor I'raser. .Mau\ of the jiarty went ashore, but 
as the day was (|uiet and dam]> the l)l,-ick llies ;in<l mos(|nitocs 
were exceptionally annoyin.yf, and all were ,i,dad to return to the 

We leli Riyolet next morm'n^ ;it -imrist-. ,-ni(l ,-ifter traversint,' 
Lake Melville, about si-veiU\- miles in leny-th. we found our- 
-elves at the end of our lone; journev-, at the ]io-t of Xortb-W'est 
River t '.o a.m., I'rida\-. Auijtist iitli). Soon, in response to 
our sir ii. a -mall b lat c;mie out. rowed b\ I'rofe-sor L. I'.. 
Stewart, of the School of I'racticil Science, who had i;one ahead 
of us, by way of St. John's, Xtld.. to cboo-e .-i proiier i>l;ice to 
locate our cam]) .-md our in-trunu-iit-. 

In order to -ee the -un cntireK covered b\ tht moon t!t' 
observer mu-t be --oiiiewhere within ,'i belt ;d)oui (-i!:,dit\- miK-s 
wide, which rmts ;icros< ceitain portions of the e.arth. c.'dculated 
Very accuratelv b\ a-tr< iuomers : ;ind for niost efficient work it 
i- uece--ary to be a- near ;is pos.;iI)]e to the central liiu- of thi'^ 
'■ l)ath of totality." l'r..i'es-or Stewart h;id determiueil tin- lati- 
tude .-md loiiL^itude. ;ind found that a tlat. open -p;ice within 
half a mile of the ilu.l-ou's Lay po-t and it- -mall wharf w-ri- 
ver\ cl ise to the central line. Tlii- -pac(> had been cle.-ired of 

-pnu" 1)\ tile im-Nuiit \.nv<\ Stratliciiiia uluti lni-,niMl at \nrtli- 
W t^t Kivcratx.m liti\ \iar> a.tjo. and liail lniii ii-ril manv tinus 
as a i'ain].iiii,'--<,rrMnn.l li\ tlu- .Mdiintaiiui-r Imlian-. 

I lie IIiiiImhi'- l',a\ |iM-.t i^ -linwii in ilic ailj'iinin:,^ iiii'tnir. In 
thf fnrc.<,rrunn(l i- tlu' iv>i.ItiKH' i>i Mr. II. .M. S. e'^ttrr. ilu 
llnd-Dn"- |!a\ fariMP. wlio furnuTls attcmk-.l I jiinr Canada ('<>1- 
!<■-(■. and wilt, was (K'lii^Iit.'d f. ,l;x-1 news ,,{ jiis alnia nialrr. i )n 
our arrival lu' was ill. hni in a h-w da\s lu- was able to 1k' aliout. 
and dnrin.L,^ uttr fnlin st.i\ lu' was tnirc'inittin.t,^ in liis kin<l aiti-n- 
lions. riu- nunilKTs of tiic cxiHdilinn raniKit s|H;,k too jii^rlih 
ot tlu- muar\ini;- kindnr-> and consitKration rii-ri\ i-d at his 
hands. Tlu- >tlu-r houses in th,- iiietun- are the conipanx's st.ire 
.-nil' warehouses, and the .Iwelliii^s ,,f ii^ servants. 


Immediately across the river is the tra( of Keviljon 
I'Veres. the threat rivals ,,t the lluds,„i's I'.ay (.'ompanv. A small 
schooner helon-,rin,ij to this ]),,st was en,!j:a.i;vd to transport our 
lrei.y:ht from the A';;;,- luiwuni to the small d<<k. Dressed in 
sweaters and old clothes all hands worked heartily, and hv 
m-hifall all the i^'oods had U'eii removed from the ship, anil 
much taken to the campiui^'-site. In doino; this a hatul-cart. three 
wheelbarrow s ;,iul nunuTous broail shoulders were ntili/ed. 
That nijjht was sp,.„t ,,„ the steamer, atul ne\' morniiis.^-. after 
an early breakfast. ;dl went ashore, .-md the Kin- luiward K ft 

t'. rtinni !■. ( )iul) 

'Ilk 'i| ilu |);iri\ inli-luil ilu inii-. ..iln-i- 

roiitimuMl ilic>|M.rt;ition ..f ..ur Mipplif^. wliilr ..tlur- 1.. 

ilic ci iii-~tnuti' III 1 .1 Iiiun aiii 

pur^ I' >r 1 )iir m>tri!nnni- 


r IlK 

hrotit^lit a '^tHHl sni>i.l\ ,,|" IinnlKr. ami ten harnU ..f I'l.rtl.i 

•iiu-nt. ami. iiidcTil. saml. in,. ; | 

ili.-lMisal wr left what w i had l)ri)tiy;hl in tlir ^hi]! i. 
\ir\v ni till- camp is -lt>i\\n in the pirtiirc. liH.kii 

)iil a> tlurc wa-. pkiit\ -.ami at 
■r hallasl. 

is; nnrth- 


'1 Ilk' fxtrciik 

(.ft I- ilk- hilt, hiiilt with >-. .ppcf iiail- 

iil covrriil with tar-papiT. which slichircd tli 

c inauMctic-rcC'ird 

iii.Lr ni>ininunt^. Tin- -liaiiiv at the rii^ht i- a phi.i'>-raphic davk- 
riMjiii. The hlack mh,- in the ceiitri- wa^ l'n.fe<-i.r Stewart's 

'l)-crvaliir\, while the two t.i the lel't of it hel 

MUijed tM tl 

sli liart\ . heiii 

</ use( 

1 t< 

ciive. tiii'scopis a 

nd f( 

riioin. Ill the hacki,n-iaiiid i^ the "] 

If a i)liMtiii.,frai 



il ini-sKni church. erectc<l in 

.^ hilt discarded ahniit ten vears am 

•rntii It tlu 

w iiidow^ and sheetinij- had I 

Ken renu)vcd 


•I'd fi>r >lec])iiit;. the larj. 

The hell tent- were 

e iiiar(|ik'i' near tile church was a dm 


in!.;-te!it. and tlu- i>ther> sheltered the instrnmeiits and ti 
ilu- iiMrth (if the camp wen- the spruce wnods. 
\- the link' availahle for nli^ervat 

ihvay- ver\ >lkirt — in tli 

apparatus was largely phot(><,'rapliic. ( )n 

expnsiiro dnriiiL;- the shfirt tiiiu'. and e\amiiie the lu-ativ. 

!i i-^nre. 

There Were niiiiiennis sliuwers. ;md the hlack tlie> and 



vat ions ot a total eclip 
is case Imt two and a half niiniites 

e can make nnmeroiis 

'iniloe-- were \er\ trotihlesnm 

c, ')lit ue had iio time ti 

ever\oik' worked witl 


stallation was |)r;i 

Icct adjustment- and rehear- 

1 a will. At ilk- end of ten da\ - tl 

-pare, aik 


illy rom])lete. leavins^'^ ahont 
e onr ])ro;4ramme-. 

le 111- 
a w fek tl 1 per- 

10 most important i>ari of th 

Dominion ( )l)ser\atory. it consisted of four cameras i^t 


e ei|ui])nk'nt was that from tlu 


II). lo and 45 teet. res|)ectivi'l\ 


>". aiKl threi' -pectn 

As it 

instruments i,,r takiii- ])hotoi,^raiihs ,,f s])ectr 

I ). 

IS impiactioahle f 


> point a 45-tnot camera at the sun tlu 

was reflected into it aiul the other cameras I 

It an instrument k 

Mown as a 


mirror rotated about 

)y nicaus 
his Consists of a 

an axis m its |)lane. and parallel to th 

earth s axis, and turniiii; exactK half as fast 

In this wav the liyiit from the heaveiiK 
lirected wherever it is re(|uired. Th 

;is the earth moves 
hod\ is C' intimioiish 

e mirror used m tins case 

was ot i,dass. twenty inches in diameter, three inches thick, 
silvered <in its front face, which was ahsohuely tlat. The entire 
mstrument wei,i,dkd ahoiit 2.^(y) pounds, and was transported in 
ahont t'lflet'ii Ixixes. 

\ '^.lural \i(\\ ni tlu- iii-tall.i!i"ii i- ■-!i"\mi in tlic (.•iiLjraviiit,'. 
'I'lic i-'nl.,-iai i> at tin- lift, wiili ilu \\..oi1l-ii cameras oti two 
i-.iiiiiil pi' I- In i'. |-i it. Tlir I'Iil; i\t<n-i«in i~ tin- 43-11".! c.iiiuf.'i. 
llic plate 111 iMcr heiiiir at the rii^Hit-liaiKl end. To ojierate these 
eaniera> -i\ men were reipiireil. The .apjiaratus was in a slie'l 
with a i.irp.inlm V'>i. ;m'l with -ides and e;i-tiTn t,'al>le remov- 
.al)le. The picture -li^.w- thr whole readv for u>;e. The dark- 
rootr i- Men jn>t m tin- The entire e(i!iiliment was 
dc^i^^iicd and in-:alled in a ma-tcrlx m;mner h\ .Mr. John S. 
ri;id<elt. r.. \.. of the Domini, 111 ' tl,„ rvator\ . In hi> work Ite 

l-.CI ll'-l-. 1 \MI', I...Okl\o loW\KI'- .\OK I H-\\ K-l. 

wa> vir\ el'tieiinilx .is>i-ted hy .\lr. W . I'. Near. i'...\. The 
!iK.-eM]n' on ,1 tripod, at tlu .i,iL,'lit, is a four-inoh instrument. l)e- 
lon^inL; to the l\o\al .\-.tronoinieal Soeii'tv. and with it Dr. 
KiiiL;. the eonnnander of the e\]>edition. intended to r>hserve the 
I'onr e'.ntact-. (.(•.. the time> at which the circitmferenccs of the 
-nn and mo, ,n touch. The other telescope, on the cement pier. I,, krv. I'ather Kavana.uh. S.j.. the amiahle profes-or of 
m,-ilhematic~ and science in I,o\ol,-i I'oUes^e. Montreal, lie jirn- 
posed to -ketch the outer coronal streamers, the briiihti •• inner 
portion heini;- -cr. ened from the eye hy an ingenious arrange- 

In ,in.>ther plioiMoraph i< -liown tlu outt'it of the iMiijlish 
li.irtw in ch;u-L;e of Mr. K. W. .Maunder, of the Ohserva- 

lury, (.nniw K-li, uli.. -laii.U Ik-hIl ilu- iiliot.i.i^rapliir uk'>c.'in' 
■'• '''' '' ''■ \i '''I tMi(!iir n-lu :> ir-. Ahuin-kr. willi lu r 
-mall i(|iiatc.r;al, !i;> iiiiaii^ ..f wliirli -he '■l)taiiK-(l ^<i\\w cxcc])- 
lii'iiai lu-aiiw^ al tin- Indian rrlip-i.-. iSi)S. Mr, ami Mrs. 
Manniirr arc ia|h in-nri ,| i-.- ;im- .>li-tr\i-r-. a:i>l wwc iiivitod 
t" aoi-..n!jian\ ilir (.'anadian i\|n-.liiii >n In Sir Wilfrid l.atiriiT. 
I lun- arc um. .iilicr I'lu'td-raplnc iili-c.i|n-, in the picture; that 
t" ihc Icl'i l.cinu;- 'ii.craicd lu Mr. (."harU.s I'ptdn; that t.. the 
ni,dit \n .Mr. I'. 1'. Jninin-^, I.miIi ,,i I'.n-land. .Mr. j. .\. Uu.-- 
m11, ..| Wind-.r, .\.S.. mi. at the tabic. I'rinn the 'u..yal i )h- 
^crvat'ir\ a party had a!-., been dcsi.alcheil to l'',,L;vpt. with in- 
--tninicnts identical with .Mine :>i these, and it was hi>\)L\\ that 
pli(it..-Tapli> mi-ht Ik' ..btainid at end- .if the eclip>c track. 
The w.prk in i'.i^vpt \\a> entirely >ncccs-l'n!. 

T'l .Mr. Win. .\len/ie-, ..i' the .Ma-netic ( tb-irv/it'-rv at .Vtjin- 
citiirt. \\a> a>>i<,'-ned. b\ the hirecfM- of the .Mcteurnlciirioal Ser- 
vice, the ta-k Ml' delcrniinniL; 'he magnetic eliineiits. bnth bv 
R'cordin.i,' instrnnient- and eye ob-ervation-. \\\ u..rkin;^' nJLrht 
and day .Mr. Men/ic< manai^ecl to Imild hi< lint ;m<l ;,'et hi> in- 
stninieiits ill n])cr,itinii in ;i \er\ -hort -jiace nf time. The 
results obtained are of ^jreat vahie. In this work ;ibK assist- 
ance was given by Professor .\. T. \\ [,nry and by Mr. Louis 
Caiithier. of the Dominion < tbscrv.itory. Professor 1 )e l.nrv 
also assisted onr C'liief in some coiupntations ; and had intended, 
(lurins; the eclii)sc. to niake visual sketches ,,i the corona, and 
also to not.. ;in\ vari.ition in t),,. ^lirtrical condition of the 
atnii (s|ili(re, 

Uev. Dr. Marsh and .Mr. ('.. !'. Jenkins, of l(aniilti>n. bad n 
tive-inch cloe-k-d riven telesco|)c, a .yratin.q; camera and two smaller 
telescopes. 'I'luy intendt'd to take imnierons i)hotoirr;,plis ,if 
both the ])arlial and the total phase. 

.Mr. J. R. Collins, of Toronto, by Usjnfj a telescopt ,,i his own 
mveiition and construction, intended to take a rapid series of 
photoi^raiihs during the entire time of the eclipse, with the linpe 
of exhibitini,' the phenomenon in cinemato<jrai)bic fashion. 

Mr. A. S. Johnston ( I'.. A.. 'S;. Tor.), editor of the Trcliiucn! 
World, e'liicair.i. spread <int a white ..beet on which he boi)ed to- 
photiinr,-;,|,i, ,1^, |H>-uhar phenomenon known ;is the " sbailuw 

I'micssi.r I., r,. Stew.trt determined accurately the latitude 
^^.^ ,ii' .ii--'.s" N'. > and the lonsjitnde ( do ~' W . \ of onr eanip, 
snrve\e<l the land in the nei<,„diborhood, and in addition measured 

the v.ilue .if .,^'-ra\ il\ . I] 

Is result - are of permanent value. 

■|'lu ].iiMii! uiilir lia.l ini.Uriiikcii p. ,l;iri->-n|,ic Ml)>,rvatioiis. 
Willi a ]M.lari:intrr \\-\va\ . .1)-(|\ ati. hi- urrr t.. ))r uw\v "i the 
iiatuiT ami tin .l.'-r.r ..i jiMlan-ati. >ii ..I tin- i-..r.,nal li-lu ; while 
V, itli a iM.lari-i-M|,u- ramna. thr . ApM-ufr- witli uliich KiW Father -M', ..I I Ulaua I nix n -ii) . hail kimilx uiKKTlakni. it was 
niuml.-,! iM -rriir. a Miir- ..1 i^IimI ,-raiih-. wliieh we hoped 
wi.nlil a--.i-t ill -etlliiiu; iiian\ ili-|iiile.l (|iie-tii mi-. 

l',s ilir liiiir ilic iii-ta!lali"ii had heeii made \\> i\ali/.d ihat 
ilic rhaiUT- f. If ■j:'"«\ wealluT l". .r the ,e!ip-e \\>r.- n^t vefv -reat. 
I'.iit fears I'.f ihe r>-iih did n-l detrv 11- ir^m pirfeetiiiLT *'very 
arraiiurnieiit. Indeed, -..iiir -I the parU eciuiiuied iheir work 

I H! 

II 1 1 1 1 111 nil KNia i-H I'M n. 

\\,1! nil,, ih, ni;^dit. Mn-I I'l' the iiienilnv-. hnv.i-xer. a> the dark- 
1U-- eaiiie i.ii ami ihe teiiiiHraltiri fell, wmld i;atlier al>"lit a hmi- 
lire. and the an), unit .if talent e\hil)iteil in -.mi;.\ and reeita- 
ii..ii \\,i- (inite ast..iii-hiiiu. There \\a- im-eiil a -iiinine -pirit 

.,r .^ 1 i\ll,,\\-Iiip, ami eaeh ffeeU .IlI hi- 1ie-t I" amiise the 

n -t .if the \t .>iu tune, after tw.. da\- .>f e.iiitiini- 
..11- e..l.l a lire w.i- hiiilt within ili. .-M eluireh ; and the)iiph 
die -iiLiki \\a- .leii-e eii.-ii.^h ii. hrm.,.; Inn- l.> llle exe^. the 
-.nial uannth iiia.le ih eiiluelv happs . The tire wa- kej.t blaz- 
iiH4 far int.. tin nii^lil. aii.l sittiiiir alxnit ..n hMse-^ aii.l >tonls. or 
Mil- ..11 an 1.1.1 .liMtiantled hireh eaime, the >..ti.^ ami i<«ki' eaiiu" 

tnrlli with peculiar .spoiuaiicity. This \va> the best bon-tiiv of 
tile trip : to me a ])leasure 1 shall never torj;el. 

Monday. Ani^nist _'Sth, was an inooni|)aral)le day. The sky 
was hhie from early niorninij^. and ue all hoped we could have 
the eclij)se on then I That afternoon the !\iii^ /w/r^dn/ arrivei. 
with the second i)ortioii of the e\]iedition. These were to assist 
at the time of the eclipse, and the steamer was to wait and take 
ns all home toother. I'.nt at nii^ht the barometer fell, and ne.\t 
day was contimiously wet. Still our rehearsals continued, hop- for a briijht morrow, which did not come! 

We rose at six o'clock, and siM.n after went out to await the 
eclipse. Till- total i)hase was predicted for 7.5J. Anxiously we 
looked to the east. l)iit the i,M-ay clouds remained. As the time 
a|)i)'roached the darkness increased. an<l <lurinfj totality it was so 
,s,aeat that one conld not read his watch easily. 'I'his lasted for 
alM>nt twi> and one-half minutes, and then the sky rai)idly 
brii^duened. tir>t in tlu' west and then everywhere. It was a 
wiird and impressive sis.;-ln ; Iiui the total i)hast- had ])assed. and 
we had UKide no observations! It was a j.;reat disap])ointment. 

About forty-five minutes later the clouds parted sufficieiitlv 
I'll" us 111 SI,.- the niiMiu. still liidiii!.;; a jMirtion ni tlu' snn's disk. 
Hut this \\;is (if no scieiititie \alne. and in our disai)iH liutment we 
c.iulil searcely lof>k at it. 

\t once the dismantling; and packing up commenced, and 
llie boxes, larye and small, beijaii to iiiov ■ as^ain to the schooiur 
doik. I'.y ui^ditfall much i)roi.:ress had Ik-cu made. The next 
da\- was tine, .iml tlu' tents were struck, as we proposed to sleep 
oil the ste.uner thai ni!.,dit. Indeed, evervthin.u was taken to 
the dock b\ six oclock. and the schooner was loaded, but b\ that 
lime the sea had risen so that she dareil not t,'o out. That iii<.jlit 
some slept in till' ab.mdoned instrument lints and the old church. 
and .about tw<iit\ of us la\ on .Mr. (.'otter's Hoors. 

Xext mornini; the win<l had fallen, and as simhi as possible ue 
went out to the shii>. (piickly tranferred our tr<>"ds. and after 
affectionati farewells and hearty cheers, started on our home- 
ward trip. \t Riijolet we fouml Dr. Grenfell. and most <if us 
had the pleasure of meeting; the famous missionar\ . ami of in- 
s|)ectiii.!4 his ship the Stiiithioiiii. \\\- le.irned that the Lick 
I xpeditioii. which had kvated on the coast, had been .is nuforii- 
iiate as oursilves. 

In addition to those w hosi- ii.uues have been alr<ad\ men- 
tioned the follow injj were niemlvr'J of tile ex]>edition : Mrs. 
.'s. '!'. C'odd. \\inni|)ei;. and Miss Wiimifreil Kin^j. Ottawa: 
Joseph pope, CM.Ci . f 'uder-Serretary of State, and lohn 


Macara, Doininion ( )l)stTvator\ . Ottawa; MontagiiL- Aldous, 
Winnipcj; ; Rev. C. I". Cli.-f|tiftto, St. Hyaciiitlic College. Que. : 
l\cv. II. Siiiiard. I.aval I ■nivt.r>ity. (Jueixc : Ilcnrv li. Lviiiaii 
aiul Walter I"., l.yuiaii, .Montmil : C E. .Mayhce and David J. 
i Inwcll. Ti)rc)nt<i. 

1 here is little Id say ahmit our return voyaj,'!-. It was ver\ 
pleasant, notwitlistandint,-^ the rnllintj of tlie ship. We reached 
Qncbec on Thursday. Sei>teinher jih, at 10.30 a.m. 

We were sorry tint what most of iis felt was ilie trip of a life- 
time had ended. We wire sorry, also, to leave the ship and to 
break tip the ]iarty. A more eonrteous and eatttious skipjier 
than C.-ipi. l!elan|,fer. .'i more aeeommodatiiit,^ officer than j'tirser 
I'.rtinean. or ;i more ol)Ii<ri„jr shi])'s eriw we shall mver sei'. 
We all felt. too. that it had been a jj^reat privilege to l)elonjj 'o 
a jiarty imder the command of the Covenimeni's unostentatious 
Imt vcr\ capable Chief \vtroti.imer, !)r, W. V. Kinij.